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Public Safety

Sherwood Trails village employs uniformed off duty police officers to patrol Sherwood Trails Village. These officers are used to supplement the police officers that are supplied to the Kingwood community by the Houston Police department. The officers used here in Sherwood Trails assist the on duty officers in Kingwood with the calls that are generated in the village. They ensure security at the community pool and park, patrol the neighborhood in unmarked vehicles, report to 311 any street lights out or stop signs damaged, remove bandit signs, and are visible to the residents. The officers speak to residents on a regular basis and assist with any police matter they can. Sherwood Trails is fortunate to have a low crime rate. Our officers can be visibly identified by the Sherwood Trails neighborhood patrol signs attached to both sides of their vehicles.

Click here to view the Kingwood Service Association (KSA) public safety page.

If you missed the CPR class, we have a guide with basic skills for you. See Guide

 CPR Training Sheet 
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