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No Open Carry at Pool and Community Room

Due to the recent law passed by the Texas legislature and endorsed by the governor, as of January 1,2016, a licensed LTC holder may now open carry a firearm. The exception to this is that it can be banned if proper signage is installed. The Sherwood Trails Community Association board of directors found it necessary to address this serious issue. The board decided that open carry of firearms at the pool and community room would not be allowed. This was not a decision that was made lightly. It is our belief that citizens of this country have the constitutional right to carry a firearm. Concealed carry is allowed at the pool and community room to allow citizens to exercise their right. Open carry tends to cause alarm in some citizens, and some are concerned about their children seeing it. The pool is designed for the enjoyment of all and as a board we must take that into consideration. Come join us this year when the pool opens. Have fun, relax, and have a laugh or two.

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